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Parent's Picks: the best in kids' music...
"Oh that incorrigible Uncle Walter. Every night he goes "Waltzing With Bears" and comes home with hair all over his clothes. This tuneful account of love among the bruins kicks off Priscilla Herdman's wonderous recording of eventide folk songs, old and new." Martin Kohn - Parents Magazine

"For ages womb to forever, this is a veritable classic album of children's music by a vocalist extraordinaire." Ladyslipper

"More than anything else I've ever heard, this album makes me want to be three years old again, so somebody can tuck me into bed at night and play these songs for me while I fall asleep - play them enough times so I know all the lyrics backward and forward...what voice could be more beautiful to fall asleep to than hers?" John Stifler - Daily Hampshire Gazette

"Priscilla Herdman's Stardreamer makes every day Mother's Day...Few art forms can preserve the past, celebrate the present and be a gift for the future the way music can...when it carries a child from the end of the day gently to the Land of Nod, it truely is magical." The Poughkeepsie Journal

"Stardreamer shines as music for all times...the album certainly is the stuff dreams are made of." Lakeville Journal and Millerton News

Stardreamer - 2004 - CD Remastered and Reissued on Stardreamer Music SDM 1001; 1988 - originally issued on Alacazam! (LP, Cassette, CD)

** Winner of a 2005 Parents' Choice Classic Award **
Winner of a 1989 Parents' Choice Gold Award
1989 American Library Association Notable Children's Recording

Priscilla Herdman: vocals and guitar, Abby Newton: cello, Mark Rust: 6 & 12 string guitars, Artie Traum: guitar, David Hornung: accordion, Jay Ungar: fiddle & mandolin, Molly Mason: bass, Scott Petito: piano, Anne Hills: harmony vocals, Cindy Mangsen: harmony vocals. Produced by: Priscilla Herdman & Abby Newton.

This album was originally released as an LP; the last of Priscilla's to be released in this format.

  • Waltzing With Bears - 3:53 (Dale Marxsen; Lyrics of last verse: Claudia Rose and Grian MacGregor.)
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke & John - 2:43 (Traditional)
  • Autumn to May - 3:33 (Peter Yarrow-Paul Stookey)
  • Moon Upon The Left - 3:07 (David Mallett)
  • The Moon - 3:00 (Robert Louis Stevenson-Priscilla Herdman)
  • Goodnight, Irene - 2:47 (Huddi Ledbetter-John A. Lomax; lyrics adapted by Raffi and Debi Pike)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle - 3:23 (Ann Taylor& Jane-Mozart)
  • Time To Sleep - 2:35 (Marcy Marxer)
  • Medley: Lullaby For Teddy-O/Douglas Mountain - 3:48 (Eileen Packard/Arnold Sungaard-Alec Wilder)
  • First Lullaby - 3:38 (Bill Staines)
  • Bush Lullaby - 2:40 (Louis Esson - Chris Kempster)
  • Close Your Eyes (Brahms "Lullaby") - 2:31 (William Engvick-Brahms)
  • The First Star Lullaby - 3:18 (Kim Wallach)
  • Thanks A Lot - 2:12 (Raffi)

"Priscilla Herdman's Moondreamer..... is a dream of a recording.  Herdman is an ideal companion to the sandman.  She sings tunes both contemporary and traditional that have a touch of silliness and lots of tenderness....." Nancy Maes - Chicago Tribune, August 6, 1998

"Her clear angelic voice [is] wrapped around the ... fine and eclectic group of tunes that fit together perfectly." Publishers Weekly, September 14, 1998

"This all combines to create a listening experience that leaves you feeling safe and warm with a sense that everything will be pretty much about the same in the morning." Matt Watroba - SingOut! 43:2, Fall 1998

Moondreamer - April 1998 - Redwing Music
RWMCD 5401 (CD) Also available on Cassette.

** Winner of a 2005 Parents' Choice Classic Award **
Winner of a 1998 Parents' Choice Gold Award

Priscilla Herdman: vocals, Al Petteway: guitar, Donald Sosin: piano, Jay Ungar: fiddle, Abby Newton: cello, David Hornung: accordion, Scott Petito: fretless electric bass, Anne Hills: harmony vocals, Cindy Mangsen: harmony vocals & guitar. Produced by: Abby Newton & Priscilla Herdman.

  • Howl At the Moon - 3:40 (Cheryl Wheeler)
  • A Velveteen Love Song - 3:18 (Bob Franke)
  • 1000 Pairs of Pajamas - 4:44 (Anne Hills)
  • Mid Night Round - 1:52 (w&m: Anne Hills & Allen Power)
  • While you Sleep - 4:41 (Anne Hills)
  • Bluegrass Boy - 2:48 (Peter Rowan)
  • Stars on the Water - 3:58 (w&m: Si Kahn & Fred Koller)
  • John O'Dreams - 4:59 (w: Bill Caddick / m: adapt. Tchaikovsky Symphony #6)
  • Moon and Me - 3:50 (Bill Harley)
  • Lullabye 3:27 (Goodnight My Angel) - (Billy Joel)
  • Dreamland - 3:31 (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
  • All Through the Night - 3:21 (Traditional Welsh)

"Eloquent, family-affirming songs...sung in the gorgeous alto of folksinger extraordinaire Priscilla Herdman and written by some of the best songwriters going...One musical celebration after another." Lynne Heffley - Los Angeles Times

"Priscilla's coice is so clear and the instrumental background so beautiful that every song's delivery is a joy to listen to...breathtaking...this album will capture your heart with its humor and pure caring." Amy Raven - Heartsong Review

Daydreamer - 2004 - Stardreamer Music SDM 1002
1993 - originally issued on Music For Little People (CD & Cassette)

1993 Parents Prize (Parents Magazine)
1993 National Parenting Publications Gold Award

Priscilla Herdman: vocals and guitar, Abby Newton: cello, Mark Rust: guitar & banjo, Jay Ungar: fiddle & mandolin, Molly Mason: bass, David Hornung: accordion & piano, Artie Traum: guitar, Ken Lovelett: percussion, Scott Petito: bass, Happy Traum: banjo, Robbie Dupree:  harmonica, Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen: harmony vocals. Produced by: Abby Newton & Priscilla Herdman.

  • Dreamcatcher - 4:33 (Anne Hills)
  • Branching out - 3:35 (John Gorka)
  • Kindergarten Wall - 3:06 (John McCutcheon)
  • When The Rain Comes Down - 3:43 (Bob Devlin)
  • White Coral Bells - 1:29 (Trad.)
  • A Fairy Went A-Marketing - 1:53 (Rose Fyleman-Priscilla Herdman)
  • Ticklish Tom and Pickildy Pie - 3:32 (Anne Dodson)
  • Water From Another Time - 3:10 (John McCutcheon)
  • Hard Scrabble Harvest - 1:59 (Dalov Ipcar-Priscilla Herdman)
  • Love Grows One By One - 2:29 (Carol Johnson)
  • Apple Picker's Reel - 1:52 (Larry Hanks)
  • What A Wonderful World - 3:23 (G.D. Weiss-B. Thiele)
  • Where Have You Been? - 4:16 (Bill Harley)

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