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Into The Stars

“Into The Stars” is Priscilla Herdman’s 10th solo CD and her first in five years.  Herdman is known for her stunning vocals, her thoughtful selection of material by writers both familiar and new to the listener, and for the delicate yet rich production of each project. "Into the Stars" is an inspired collection that celebrates the beauty of the night sky and the wonder of the universe that surrounds us. Her long time love of all things celestial and her fascination with the Hubble Space Telescope photographs, led her to gather these songs which relate both literally and metaphorically to the universe and night sky.

The songs range from deeply emotional and romantic to playful and imaginative. Some take a narrative ballad approach (Underneath the Stars, Sail Away, Vincent, Ideas Are Like Stars), some connect to the theme more literally (Satellite Sky, The Galaxy Song, Pleiades, Blue Boat Home) and some poetically (The Play, Firefly Lights, Comet, The Moon’s Song).

In addition to a 33 year solo performance and recording career, she is also well known for her series of multi-award-winning family CDs (Stardreamer, Daydreamer and Moondreamer) and for 20 years as one third of the celebrated women’s trio Herdman~Hills~Mangsen with her friends Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen.

Into the Stars - December 2008
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Stardreamer Music SDM 2001
Produced by Scott Petito

Priscilla Herdman vocals
Scott Petito guitars, piano, keyboards, bass,
          octave mandolin, ebow and percussion

Eugene Friesen cello
Dave Payette piano
Helen Avakian classical and steel string guitars
Chris Carey percussion and drums
Max Cohen steel string and electric guitars
Rachel Handman violin
Anne Hills & Suzanna Hermans harmony vocals

  • The Play Peter Mayer
  • Underneath The Stars Kate Rusby
  • Blue Boat Home Peter Mayer
  • Sail Away John McCutcheon
  • Pleiades Anne Hills
  • Satellite Sky Mark Heard
  • Firefly Lights Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito
  • Vincent Cello Intro Eugene Friesen
  • Vincent Don McLean
  • Comet Pierce Pettis & Sally Barris
  • Ideas Are Like Stars Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • The Moon’s Song Anne Hills
  • The Galaxy Song Eric Idle & John Du Prez

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The Road Home

"Priscilla Herdman is one of the clearest and most compelling voices of contemporary folk music." Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"Excellent taste in material and an elegant, pitch-perfect voice." Rolling Stone

"At the center of her charms is that voice....her voice is miraculously pure and effortlessly beautiful, a voice that immediately draws people in and wins them over" Scott Alarik, The Boston Globe

"Herdman is gifted with a rich, almost opulent timbre. She reminds one a bit of Judy Collins; both have similarly impeccable enunciation and seemingly effortless deliveries. But Herdman's overall artistry seems considerably more intimate, personal and, at times, esoteric." The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Road Home - May 2003 - Redwing Music RWMCD5412

Priscilla Herdman: vocal, guitar and Tibetan singing bowl
Scott Petito: fretless, fretted & upright bass, mandolin and ebow
Artie Traum: lead & rhythm guitars
Al Petteway: lead & rhythm guitars & cittern
Brian Melick: drums & percussion
David Hornung: accordion
Anne Hills: vocal harmonies and banjo
Harmony Voices: Anne Hills on Gentle Arms of Eden, Wild Wind, and Kisangani
Cindy Mangsen on Wild Wind and Kisangani
Suzanna Hermans on No Telling
Nick Reineke on Kisangani

Please see the lyrics and credits page

Forever and Always

"Priscilla Herdman is blessed with one of the world's most enrapturing voices." Dirty Linen

"Voices this sweet, full and controlled are rare in folk music. Forever & Always demonstrates how Herdman's voice continues to mature like a fine merlot wine. It's easy to become intoxicated by her voice...Herdman also includes the traditional "The Water Is Wide" that glistens and deepens in the grace of her interpretation... When life becomes too loud and the message too strident, play this recording to help set the world right." R. Warren Sing Out!

From Progressive Adult Radio Picks speaking of Forever & Always: "Priscilla Herdman is a necessary inclusion for those of you that include the Folk genre in your programming." Progressive Adult Radio

Forever and Always - 1994 - Flying Fish FF 70637 (CD) FF 90637 (Cassette)

Priscilla Herdman: vocals, Artie Traum: guitars, Donald Sosin: piano, Abby Newton: cello, Scott Petito: fretless bass, David Hornung: accordion, Jay Ungar: fiddle, Molly Mason: acoustic bass, Steve Gorn: bansuri bamboo flutes, Bill Staines, Anne Hills, & Cindy Mangsen: harmony vocals. Produced by: Abby Newton & Priscilla Herdman.

  • Ramblin' Heart - 4:17 (Paul Reisler)
  • This Time Of The Year - 4:11 (John McCutcheon)
  • The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - 4:56 (Ewan MacColl)
  • And So It Goes - 2:47 (Billy Joel)
  • When I Call Upon Your Love - 4:20 (Cathy Fink)
  • Music To Me - 3:51 (Bill Staines)
  • The Water Is Wide - 3:59 (Trad.)
  • Ashokan Farewell - 4:48 (Jay Ungar-Grian MacGregor)
  • Somewhere In Time - 3:23 (David Mallett)
  • I'll Love You Forever - 4:44 (Allen Power)
  • Follow That Road - 5:55 (Anne Hills)
Darkness Into Light

"The sound of the album is quietly gorgeous, and its consistently fine. An atmosphere of spiritual luminescence prevades the record." Stephen Holden - The New York Times

"Folk singer Herdman's placidly beautiful voice demands attention: crystal-clear arrangements incorporating guitar, cello, fiddle, bass and accordion hold doesn't get any better than on this, artist's fourth album." Billboard

"This collection of songs again shows Priscilla Herdman's talent for selecting significant material from the finest writers (including herself), and making these songs even more special through her performance of them...This record is a remarkable achievement. It shows the power of good songs sung right." Sing Out!

"One of the most wonderful albums I've found lately, with an exceptional selection of songs that move to tears of joy, of belief, life and love...Outstanding." Canadian River Music

This album was originally released as an LP.

Darkness Into Light - 1987 - Flying Fish FF 70420 (CD) FF 90420 (Cassette)

Priscilla Herdman: vocals & guitar, Abby Newton: cello, Mark Rust: guitar and harmony vocals, Artie Traum: guitar, Jay Ungar: fiddle, Molly Mason: bass, David Hornung: accordion, Anne Hills, & Cindy Mangsen: harmony vocal. Produced by: Priscilla Herdman & Abby Newton.

  • The Faith Of Man - 3:58 (Bill Staines)
  • When The Children Come Home - 3:00 (Henry Lawson-Trad. arr. M. & M. Jackson)
  • Old Jack Ryan - 2:35 (Kathryn Tait)
  • I Remember Loving You - 4:37 (Bruce [Utah] Phillips-Priscilla Herdman) Duet with Bruce [Utah] Phillips
  • Lonesome Road - 2:40 (James Taylor)
  • The Coming Of The Roads - 3:30 (Billy Edd Wheeler)
  • Wood River - 3:15 (Connie Kaldor)
  • Rockin In A Weary Land - 2:41 (Lorraine Lee)
  • From The Lambing To The Wool - 5:00 (Judy Small)
  • Ain't I A Woman - 2:25 (Sojourner Truth-Priscilla Herdman)
  • Medley: Turn Around/The Gartan Mother's Lullaby - 3:55 (Malvina Reynolds-Alan Greene/Trad. Irish, arr. P. Herdman)
  • Walls and Windows - 3:40 (Judy Small-Pat Humphries)
  • Peace Must Come - 2:50 (Paul Metsers)
Seasons of Change

"Herdman has an uncanny knack for turning up brilliantly written folk tunes and performing them in a definitive style." Geoffrey Himes - The Washington Post

"Priscilla Herdman uses her dynamic vocals to present the words of contemporary political and social songwriters...she frames the songs in light...Her collection on Seasons of Change establishes her as a leading voice of contemporary society." The Black Sheep Review

"Her collection of sensitive and thought-provoking...well selected and strong; her presentation is beautiful and well done." The Victory Music Folk & Jazz Review

"A perfect mixture of excellent musicianship, fine singing and a great cross section of songs from one of the best song interpreters of today." Sing Out!

This album was originally released as an LP.

Seasons of Change - 1983 - Flying Fish FF 70309 (CD) FF 90309 (Cassette)

Priscilla Herdman: vocals and guitar, Artie Traum: lead guitar, Evan Stover: mandolin and fiddle, Abby Newton: cello, John Sebastian: harmonica, Rick Epping: accordion & piano. Produced and arranged by: Priscilla Herdman and Abby Newton.

  • Field Behind The Plow - 4:00 (Stan Rogers)
  • Grandfather Song - 4:15 (Tim Small)
  • Lies - 5:40 (Stan Rogers)
  • Letter From May Alice Jeffers - 3:23 (Fred Small)
  • Mothers, Daughters, Wives - 5:25 (Judy Small)
  • Desaparecidos - 3:07 (Nancy White)
  • Rice and Beans - 4:07 (Bruce [Utah] Phillips and Priscilla Herdman)
  • Deportees - 4:16 (Woody Guthrie and Martin Hoffman)
  • Traveler - 2:33 (Si Kahn)
  • Thanks to Mother Mercy - 3:43 (David Mallett)
Forgotten Dreams

"Priscilla Herdman is a pop-oriented folk singer with excellent taste in material and an elegant, pitch-perfect voice." Rolling Stone

"Herdman has a remarkable voice: clear, shiny, sparkling...she is no mere craftsman, but a singer who finds the artistic heart of each of the ablest talents in contemporary folk music." Chicago Sun-Times

"Forgotten stunning. The beauty of her vocals and the songs she's chosen are enhanced by repeated listenings. The album was produced by Guy Van Duser who plays all the guitar parts, and Billy Novick, whose saxophone solos enhance several of the tracks. Their talents, Priscilla Herdman's vocals and some excellent songs all combine to make Forgotten Dreams a great success. The Boston Globe

This album was re-released in 1993 by Flying Fish on CD. The re-release contains two tracks that were not on the original release:  Lovers and Losers and Talk To Me of Mendocino. The latter has a new vocal track that was recorded in 1993. This album was originally released as an LP.

Forgotten Dreams - 1980 - Flying Fish FF 70230 (CD) FF 90230 (Cassette)

Priscilla Herdman: vocals, Guy Van Duser: Guitars (steel string, nylon, archtop, and tenor) and acoustic bass, Billy Novick: Clarinets, saxophones (soprano, alto & tenor), flute and percussion, Brian Torff: Acoustic bass, Jeff Gutcheon: Piano, Bob Weiner: Drums, also Ken Pearson: Piano, Jim Tullio: Acoustic bass, Bill Kinzie: Drums, Les Lumley: Congas. Produced and arranged by Billy Novick and Guy Van Duser.

  • Forty-Five Years - 2:58 (Stan Rogers)
  • Dayton, Ohio -- 1903 - 1:50 (Randy Newman)
  • Millworker - 3:11 (James Taylor)
  • Brother Can You Spare A Dime - 4:03 (E.Y. Harburg/Jay Gorney)
  • No Man's Land - 5:35 (Eric Bogle)
  • Lovers and Losers - 3:49 (Bill Staines)
  • Talk To Me of Mendocino - 2:43 (Kate McGarrigle)
  • The Coast of Marseilles - 4:07 (Keith Sykes)
  • Turnaround - 3:47 (Stan Rogers)
  • I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You - 3:22 (Tom Waits)
  • January Thaw - 3:46 (Lui Collins)
  • Dreams - 2:26 (Jeff Jones)
The Water Lily

"[A] strikingly beautiful voice...solidly a folk LP and a stunning one." The Boston Globe

"The Water Lily is an album with a grace not unlike fine china." Audio

Priscilla Herdmans's Water Lily is on its way to becoming a classic."Colorado Daily

"The Water Lily epitomizes folk music at its best." The Boston Phoenix

This is Priscilla Herdman's debut album and was re-released in 1995 by Philo/Rounder on CD. Seven of the eleven cuts are poems of Henry Lawson the great Australian "People's Poet" (1867-1922). Four of the Henry Lawson selections have tunes composed by Priscilla Herdman. This album was originally released as an LP.

The Water Lily - 1977 - Philo CD 1014 (CD) C 1014 (Cassette)

Priscilla Herdman: vocals and guitar, Jay Ungar: fiddle & mandolin, Abby Newton: cello. Produced by: Priscilla Herdman.

  • The Water Lily - 2:51 (Henry Lawson-Priscilla Herdman)
  • Andy's Gone With Cattle - 2:13 (Henry Lawson-traditional)
  • Old Wooley - 2:30 (Don Lange)
  • The Drover's Sweetheart - 3:43 (Henry Lawson-Priscilla Herdman)
  • The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - 6:58 (Eric Bogle)
  • Jock O'Hazeldean - 5:01 (traditional, Child #293)
  • Do You Think That I Do Not Know - 4:45 (Henry Lawson-Slim Dusty)
  • The Bush Girl - 4:08 (Henry Lawson-Priscilla Herdman)
  • Reedy River - 5:44 (Henry Lawson-Chris Kempster)
  • The Shame Of Going Back - 4:53 (Henry Lawson-Priscilla Herdman)
  • Dancing At Whitsun - 2:58 (John Austin Marshall)

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