Priscilla Herdman
P.O. Box 800, Pine Plains, NY 12567
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Quan Catalog Title Media Price Total
Adult Solo Albums N/A Album currently not available for ordering.
____ SDM 2001 Into the Stars CD $15 $_______
____ RWM 5412 The Road Home CD $15 $_______
____ FF 70637 Forever & Always CD $15 $_______
____ FF 70420 Darkness Into Light CD $15 $_______
N/A FF 70309 Seasons of Change CD $15 $   N/A
N/A FF 70230 Forgotten Dreams CD $15 $   N/A
N/A Philo 1014 The Water Lily CD $15 $   N/A
Family Albums
____ SDM 1001 Stardreamer: Nightsongs & Lullabies CD $15 $_______
____ RWM 5401 Moondreamer CD $15 $_______
____ Special* Moondreamer 1 CD plus 1 Cassette CD & CS $18 $_______
____ MLP 2720 Daydreamer (Cassette only) CS $ 3 $_______
____ Download Card Daydreamer (free shipping) Card $10 $_______
Herdman·Hills·Mangsen Trio Albums
N/A HHM 2000 At the Turning of the Year CD $15

$   N/A

N/A GAD 235 Voices of Winter CD $15 $   N/A
____ FF 70546 Voices CD $15 $_______
* While cassette supplies last               Shipping, N.Y. State Sales Tax, Total
Shipping for the first item  $     2.75
Shipping is $0.75 for each additional item (all "specials" count as two items)  $_______
Subtotal  $_______
NY State residents please add 8.125% sales tax to the subtotal  $_______
T o t a l   E n c l o s e d  $_______


1.  Print a copy of this form for each shipping address.
Please fill in the shipping name, address, quantities, and dollar amounts.

Add Shipping of $2.75 for first item (USA & Canada only) and $0.75 for each additional item.
(All "specials" count as two items.)
NY State residents please add 8.125% sales tax to the product and shipping total.
5.  Please make your check or money order payable to: Priscilla Herdman
(Payment must be drawn on an American Bank in USA dollars or made by any credit card listed below.)
6.  Please send your order to: Priscilla Herdman, P.O. Box 800, Pine Plains, NY 12567

Priscilla accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard or Discover credit cards which will be processed through "SQUARE". A receipt will be emailed to you directly from "SQUARE" and will say "Receipt from Stardreamer Music" in the subject line.

By PHONE: Call 518-398-5523, Monday through Friday (Please call between 10:00am to 8:00pm only). If unavailable, please repeat your phone number twice and do not leave your credit card information.

By MAIL ORDER: You must PRINT OUT THIS FORM and fill in your card information below, and mail it.

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Please contact Priscilla by email at to make arrangements for credit card charges and overseas shipping.

Thank you for buying my music!

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